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Criminal Record lookup

Criminal Record Lookup is a people finder Resource. Whether its finding people, find address, reverse phone, criminal records, sex offenders or almost any Public record, Criminal Record Lookup is where you need to be looking.

If its a background check on a future employee, looking for a lost friend or loved one, or you suspect someone of being a sex offender or having a criminal record then Criminal Record Lookup is the only place I would be looking. Criminal Record Lookup is the most complete people finder on the market.

Criminal record lookup - employee checks

Background checks on existing and potential employees should be seen as a must by all employers large or small. A simple online background check could avoid an unwanted situation in the future.

Employers can be held responsible for employees actions therefore they should take all measures in making the right hiring decisions. In regards to criminal records the employer needs to determine the relevance and frequency of the crime and the probability of re-offending.

A background check on a potential employee can be approached in several ways. The employer has to be careful in their approach to ensure they are not violating any laws and not leaving themselves open to legal action.

One approach would be to simply ask the question at the interview. This sounds simple enough but is it really? The employer for example should not be asking whether the person has ever been in trouble or arrested by the police, they should only be asking if the person has been charged and convicted of a crime.

To some people it would appear that there is no difference between the two questions. They are wrong. If an employer asks a potential employee about their arrest record and makes their decision based on that, they open themselves up to violating that persons rights and legal action taken against them.

In some forms of employment it is a legal requirement for employers to perform background checks such as criminal records, sex offenders or driving records. Some examples could be jobs that require clean drivers records or situations where people will be in close contact with minors, and so on.

On the other hand, some states have different laws on how much probing employers can do when performing background checks on people. It is up to the employer to familiarize themselves with the laws in their state to avoid repercussions.

lets say that a background check has been performed on a potential employee meeting all state laws and not violating that persons rights. If that person turns out to have a criminal record most people would assume that would be enough reason to move on to the next applicant. They are wrong.

The employer would need to demonstrate that this persons criminal record will affect the business. The employer is expected to consider the following,

* How relevant is the conviction to the job
* The applicants rehabilitation efforts
* Previous employment history before and after the conviction
* How many convictions the person has
* The facts surrounding the conviction
* The nature of the offense.

In many cases employers have become to scared to ask the question in fear that it might backfire on them. Some simply don't ask, others rely on their own judgment of character or reference material and some use online software to perform their own background checks.